My Brethren:

It is my honor and privilege to address you as the newly elected and installed Worshipful Master of Community Lodge #684.  Freemasonry and the members of this wonderful organization have forever changed my life and I will continually strive to create a positive impact on the future of this Lodge.
We have a great number of events planned for the coming year, some old and some new, both social and charitable alike, with the great potential to bring in donations and new members. In the past 5 years, we have brought in many younger members which give our lodge one of the youngest lines in the district.

I especially wish to thank the Past Masters of Community Lodge and other officers of the 14th District for their good counsel and guidance leading to my placement in the East, as well as the numerous Brothers of this lodge which include the names of the men I now list as the 2015–16 officer line:

Senior Warden: Frederick B. Hummler III
Junior Warden: Brian L. McMichael
Secretary: R. Matthew Carson III, PM
Treasurer: Jack Gerald Weber III
Senior Deacon: David Silwani
Junior Deacon: Robert Allen Adkins
Senior Steward: William Wirsching
Junior Steward: Dean Raab
Chaplain: Dan Ferris, PM
Musician: Bernard Campbell
Tyler: Richard Van Meter, II

1st Year – Frank C. Wright III, PM
2nd Year – Robert A. Burgman
3rd Year – Douglas R. Gustafson

Congratulations to All!

Thank you for your faith in me and I will endeavor to represent and lead this Lodge with dignity.

Fraternally and sincerely,

Gary M Pastor, WM
Community Lodge #684  F & A M